Looking to store some large or odd sized items? Give us a shout and we’ll provide you a quote in the next 48 hours! Please note, we do not accept household storage.

Custom Storage
From sailboats to mining equipment and everything in between. We have extra high ceilings to handle the tallest and the widest.



Our facility is capable of storing anything from a small catamaran to a large cigarette boat, so your vessel can hibernate over the Winter months.


From oil rigs to water tanks, and everything in between. If you have large or unusual equipment, we can store it.


Not just limited to RV’s – we can also store monster trucks, race cars, motorcycles and expedition gear!


Don’t want your toy seeing the harsh Winter road conditions? We can store your vehicle in one of our mini units.


Whether you’re looking to store movie sets, an old Russian MIG from the 50’s or just an odd-sized item, our specialty is unusual items that require a custom space.


We also offer outdoor storage to accommodate oversize items like full length tractor trailers.


Rockwell Storage Warehouse, located in Parry Sound, specializes in odd sized and custom storage for unique items from carnival floats and antique machinery to sailboats and RV’s, at very competitive rates. We have extra high ceilings to handle the tallest and the widest, as well as outdoor storage for any oversize items. If you are incapable of moving your equipment, we can help with the movement and loading for a small fee.


We do not store household storage, and will not permit the storage of hazardous chemicals, animals or drugs. Your lease agreement covers this issue in more detail.

We have over 130,000 square feet of high bay storage, we also have 5 acres of outdoor storage and are developing an 8000 square feet office space.

The building is 25 feet clear under the joists, but highway regulations and the height of our doors limits the height of any single piece to 13 feet 6 inches. We can bring in pieces up to 16 feet wide.

We offer rent by the month and 12 month leases for a favourable rate.

We have double locked gates and a secure fully fenced site with no other road access. Our site manager is onsite 5 days a week during the main season and is connected by email and mobile phone. We are evaluating an RFID system for each piece stored.

We have 5 clear acres of gravel surface and have good access for all types of vehicles including full size tractor trailers.

We insure the building against damage howsoever caused, but you must keep fire and theft insurance on your property whilst in our care and provide proof of insurance.

We are a half kilometer off the Highway 400, about one hour north of Barrie and two hours south of Sudbury. If you are storing over Winter, the extra hour it takes you to get to our facility will easily be compensated for by our lower rates than you would find in the cities. Your vehicle is secure and dry, which can cost you hundreds of dollars less than an equivalent space in Toronto or Barrie.

We are always available by email or phone and the building pathways are kept clear, so with a day of notice we can have your property ready to remove.

We offer a limited number of serviced units at a charge for the power consumed.

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